Hey people!!
I m mayank aka dreamrunner09. I am 16 and i have joined wp to express myself to the world through the power of internet. My most posts are gonna be about my daily life as a teenager in india, my experiences, problems and joys which im gonna share with all of you. I will try to update my blog as frequent as i can. I am looking forward to meet some more teen bloggers like me in the future from around the world. I will go now i have very important exams coming in march. See u all later.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Welcome,

    I would add pictures, but not of yourself, any pictures that pertain to your blog.

    Other than that use it to free your mind! Creative writing is a great stress reliever.

    I am also new to WordPress! Good Luck!

  2. hi mayank! im konica… welcome to wordpress i hope u have a great time here! well i too joined wordpress 3 months ago and find it a great place to scribble your thoughts and make friends! hope to hear from you soon.

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