About myself…

So i am writing this to tell a little more about myself to ‘ wordpressers’.
Well i m 17 years old and i am from delhi, india. I have finished my school this year and hope i could join a national defence academy this year. Yes, i want to join the indian army for reasons i am gonna explain in my next blog.
I have many friends but not a single one whom i can call my best friend.. Yeah, i think i m the only person without a best friend in this world but i am ok with that coz i am contented in myself.
I talk to myself (people can call it wierd but its not) and laugh at my own jokes and i am happy with it.
I want to travel a lot in my life.
My hobbies are surfing internet, cycling, writing and listening to music, i listen to music almost everytime ,even in toilet sometimes 😀
. My fav bands are linkin park, nickelback, greenday ….the list goes on and on and on…
I dont know what to write more but anything else you can ask me.
Yeah i dont have a girlfriend…. LoL…