Something more about me…

Hi people.
I am here again to piss you off by telling some more about me :D, particularly my goal in life.
Firstly, i want to beg your pardon as my pro and posts are not visually appealing but i cant help it as i blog with a mobile so its not possible.
Anyway, lets get to the topic, with reference to what i’ve written above, my goal in life is to join the army. I am very fascinated towards army life and ethics.
I thinks its primarily because its in my blood as my grandfather was in army, my father’s brother (my uncle) also served in army, of course, my father also applied for it but got rejected and now he wants me to continue this broken legacy in our family.
From my childhood days i used to get excited and thrilled whenever my grandfather or uncle tell me about their days in army. Slowly and steadily my excitement changed into my passion and now it cant imagine myself anywhere else but INDIAN ARMY.
As a result, this year as i am graduating from school, i have applied for NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY which is a triservice training institution for armed forces . If i got selected i’ll be training next 4 years to be a officer in INDIAN ARMY
its gonna be tough but i am ready for it.
There are many other factors which are behind my decision, primarily my dislike towards 9-5 desk job which i am 110% sure i wouldn’t be able to do as i want a career full of adventure and challanges, and current potical scenerio and my country’s relation with pakistan give force my wish to be there on frontline and bust their evil plans with my fellows.
Anyway, i an done.
Any suggestion is welcomed and i hope you are not bored.