Sachin tendulkar: god of cricket

You might have probably heard that this great indian cricket player has completed the century of centuries this week against bangladesh in his innings of 114 runs.
Just after his this feat the whole india maybe the world standed up and clapped for him. It take him one year to score his 100th century but when he does it , the moment was electric. We can hear shouting of his name in almost every street of india.
Starting his one- day career at the age of 16, he rised to become the most successful batsman cricket has ever seen. Theres hardly any record feat left which he has not achieved as a batsman.
He is true champion, he endured two career threatning injuries and when everybody saying that ‘Sachin is over now’, he made a solid comeback and becomed the batsman to play most number of ODI’s.
I am not a big cricket fan but i am his fan. I watch cricket match just because of him.
He is a true indian, he is the best…