Reasons why i HATE summers.

Here it goes again, today marked the official (here official means according to me coz its my blog, duh) begining of summers with maximum temperature reaching 35 degrees and i have to switch on the fans to bear it and most important ice cream companies again started airing their commercials on tv.
Its clear from the title that i HATE summers. There are many reasons behind it.
Foremost being going out to school, peddling my bicycle for 5 km at 8. And , dont forget about indian traffic jams. You might probably wondering how come a cycle can stuck in a traffic jam?? Well my friend you dont know indian roads. Its rightly said that ‘Experience is the greatest teacher.
Moving on , frequent powercuts in here during summer due to increased power demand.
I am watching my favorite movie and its the climax scene when kept secret in whole movies was just to reveal or i was preparing for tomorrow important exam and just when i reached on most important part suddenly —~—~– the powers gone,and i was like wh…what the f**k. You dont know how irritating is that.
One more reason is world’s most dangerous insect, guess who……no not scorpian……nor spider……neither any centipede, but the mosquito, the remaining long distance kin of dracula. No matter how much mosquito repellent you burn or apply on your skin they seem to overcome above all that stuff and developed there own vaccine against it and are more determined to suck that blood from your body *sigh*
Its the start of my summer adventures…lol..:|