My Two Wheeled Buddy…

Hey hello there,
i am here again . This time i am gonna write about my two wheeled buddy or my bicycle.
Its a simple ranger bike with pedals, breaks and two wheels attached with a black body. Its with me through most of my school life. I think after home, i spend most of time riding my bike. Its from a local manufacturer and produces a little sound but i just simply love it. Riding my bike is ‘me’ time, I can think, I can plan, I can hope. On a physical level? It won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone that I love going uphill, I love climbing, and I’m light enough to be reasonably good at it. I have many fond memories from my childhood and teenage associated with it. I have many fall, many bruises on my knees and many punctures in my bike’s tyres and sometime even complete breakdown but they doesn’t bother me much infact i think they have increased my fondness towards my bike. Today whenever i remember those , a smile automaticaly comes on my face. I will cherish those good ol’ memories for forever.
I dont know how to drive a motorbike, yeah thats true. I am 17 and i still dont know it for which i am regularly judged by my friends.
I dont know why i haven’t learned it. Its maybe because i am satisfied by my bicycle or maybe i just dont want to burn a hole in my father’s pocket by buying a motorbike together with soaring prices of petrol.
Well, i dont really care about what they think but i am happy with it.
Some people are ashamed of riding bikes, i would like to ask them why should they feel ashamed???
….because you are helping in reducing a small amount of pollution from atmosphere??? or you are keeping you fit by doing some sort of physical work…??
Please ask yourself these question and never give up riding.