If i ever have a girlfriend….

To start with i want to tell you all thati am single right now, oh, who iam trying to fool..ok i have beensingle from past 17 years..long time huh:p Anyway if, in future by chance i have a girlfriend what kind of person she would be i am going to tell you all. Sooo, drums plz….. Yeah to start with she would be atleast of myheigt with beautiful smile and eyes(no matter what others think, atleast her smile and eyeswould be the most beautiful forme). She would be street smart, intelligent, understanding and caring. She would be a big zero on attitude and have a sense of respect towards her parents and elders. She would be a non drinker and smoker. She would not get crazy if i forgot her b’day or something like that and undestands the value of money. She would not get mad when i dont say i love you one day and undestands that i love her till my life and beyond. Well, i think i am gonna remain single all my life but there no tax on dreaming so dream onn my friends… I hope you’ll not remain single like me and enjoy your life thoroughly. Love you life, love you family and stay fit….:)


3 thoughts on “If i ever have a girlfriend….

  1. Hah, you won’t be single forever!
    Check out mi blog plz
    And also
    No one is single forever
    I just now got single and I’m actually happy to be that way.

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