Past few days..

Hey all,
well, as title suggests past few days for me is like a jet. Everything happened so fast i just cant feel it. Anyway, i dont mind it coz i am quiet happy coz i am finally and officially out of school. My school leaving certificate exam’s results was declared and i passed it with 81%, well there are many who passed it with much higher marks from me but i am satisfied with it coz my parents are happy. My father even told me that he is proud of me, those words are still in my head.
Anyway, another good thing that happened was that i finally found a quite and less known part of this crappy and noisy and mean city in which i live. I am really very glad to find it. I found it accidently while walking around. Now i dont have to rome around to pass time. I can just sit there and do whatever i want.
Probabily you must be thinking what kind of teen i am who spends his time searching for silent and far from population places, are’nt you??
Well yes, this is who i am. I dont know why i dont like meeting people instead i like to sit alone. I think its because two faced personality of most people in this world. It seems strange that those people who we call our friend talks shit about us infront of others. I fear that thing thats why i dont have many friends.


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