Rainy Day……

Hey there,
today is a rainy day out here which i think was a knock on the door by monsoon or rainy season. Its beautiful weather outside and also good for ripening of mangoes, yes. I cant wait to climb those mango tress and have the taste of our ‘King Of Fruits’.
Its a lazy, layed back day, everything is so slow and theres a sound of flowing and falling water everywhere.
Nature’s crying (yeah, personification of rain) have me a chance to read once again my favorite book called, Grit, Guts and Gallentry, this books shows the journey of author, who is an ex-army officer, through the training acadmies, after commisioning till retirement. It is a salut of author to simple, rustic and patriot yet uncomplaing and tough soldies of indian army. This books is aimed on the student who are freshly out of school and are in process of selecting a career, like me and i have made my mind to join army.
Anyway, i think that the raining was on a halt now and i can go for a round of peddling now on the backdrop of beautiful mountains of nainital.
Well, i think thats all till now.
See ya,bye.