Hey hello, i am back with another post.
Well we all know, valantines ‘quiet annoying’ day is just knocking on the door, the day we singletons dread and try to ignore and avoid as much as we can , but the hype due to this day is so high that we can’t escape it. Be it the mouth freshners, resturants, condom brands or anything distinctly related in any way with it, everyone seems cashing it by their special discounts and free free free for COUPLES types of advertisement. We singletons are left with no choice but to feel dejected and unwanted. Their is love in the air but we cant really feel it.
So i have come up with a list of things a singleton can do on valantine’s day while everyone out there will be having their romantic dinner and all that stuff.
Well people say that this is day of love, so you can spend your day watching LOC:Kargil and BORDER, maybe they can bring out your love for your country and you’ll shoot all those goddamn politions and beareaucrats and who knows you can be the next one smiling beside gandhi ji!
Now facebook is as important and natural to everybody as breathing, you can give those people, who fucking brag about their v-day plans on fb, a serious trouble. With the help and aashirvad of google mata you copy-paste various status bragging about how happy you are being single or those which terms gf as menace and trouble and many other cheap adjectives, on his/her wall. To increase impact by getting max likes for it. There are many options for harrasing those COUPLES, use your own imgination and sky will be the limit for you.
If you want to be like voldimort (not appeareance-wise but in practice), this idea is for you. You can show your frustration to them by spoiling their lovey-dovey dates. For this, you can organize a flash mob denouncing love on couples’ favorite hotspot, or you can organize a protest by some rightwing groups stating, that its against indian culture. For those who cant do the above ones, they can steathly sneak to their lovestruck friend and get all the cash and credit cards out of his purse. For more insult you can put a LOSERR!! slip in it.
For those, who doesnt have any problems from happy couples roaming around, can celebrate this day by showing your love towards your parents and family. You can also gift them something. I know that doesn’t matter much but it shows we care for them .
Well that all from my side . I have suggested an idea for everykind of person. Its upto you how you implement it.
So wishing all singletons, a happy V-day, hehehe *evil smile*…


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