About Dreamrunner..

Hey visitor,
thanks for stopping by.
My name is Mayank and i am from India. I am 19.

I have created this blog to keep tag of my life as i grow older and also to share with the people of this world how i think and what do i think about Anything. i would like to make a lot of friends with the help of my blog.
Now, something about me,i think i am a Almost balanced mixture of Old-school and Modern-school (if something like this exist). I like surfing this immense ocean of internet along with getting out in the nature. i have many aspirations and ambitions about whom i am gonna tell in my blogs. Anyway,
I hate people who spits on public places, people who think that they are the best and no one is better then them, exagerators , traitors and girls with attitude.
I am a friendly person. But i am a bit introvert and take some time to open up. But once open up i can do anything possible on my behalf to help my friends. I think that’s why i have few friends but even then not a single best friend.I like to surf in the waves of internet, i think its the best thing done by humans ever.
I like to remain silent and observe people talking and doing things.
I am sorry ,my writing is not that good and i am not able to explain my thoughts in words but i have tried my best this time.
Hope you are not bored.