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It Was Mother’s Day. What Happened Next Will Amaze You.

Just a humouous salute to mothers on mother’s day.

Ashish Shakya

According to a recent scientific study about the human race, mothers are kinda sorta important in life. They spend their lives caring for the next generation, spurring them on to go forth and conquer and also get a haircut and what is that shirt you’re wearing and what you’re going to a party you must be doing drugs are you doing drugs tell me the truth I’m your mother I always know when you’re lying to me (Hah. No, you don’t) and oh god who will clear these plates DO I LOOK LIKE YOUR SERVANT OR WHAT OKAY DON’T ANSWER THAT YOU CHEEKY BAS… well, you get the idea.

On that joyous Mother’s Day note, I’d first like to say to all the mothers reading this – and I mean this in the nicest possible way – you’re insane. Why else would you sign up for what is essentially a…

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Sach Sapne Aur Apne (Truth Dreams And Friends)

100_1571_lgHey hello, yes you.
Thanks for checking this out.
This post is going to be about a poem i read in college’s year book written by one of my seniors. Its name is is the title of the post with its english translation. Its about struggle of a person between chasing her dream and friends.
We all meet a lot of people in our journey and of them we like some people and make a lot of ‘friends’ and slowly we start keeping expectations from them which if not fulfilled hurt is a lot that why she want to tell that ,though not directly, to not expect anything from anyone and learn to live by ourselves as much as possible.
I am gonna post here hindi version and i’ll try to translate it in english exactly for my english readers.
If you are reading it till here you are simply awesome and even if you aren’t you are still awesome like me.

    Here it goes….

Akele chalte chalte in raho mein
Aadat si ho gayi hai akalepan ki,
Na chahat kisi ki,na jarurat kisi ki,
Na hai chahat kisi apne ki.

Kahne ko toh sabhi apne hai
Sath chalte hai in raho mein
Na rahi chahat na rahe apne
Mein hun sach aur wo hai sapne.

Par sach aur sapne sath nahi hote
Mein hun sach aur wo hai sapne.

Wakt ke sath jeena seekh liya
Dil mein dard dard ka samandar chhupakar jeena seekh liya
Har pal mein khushiyan dhundhkar,
Khud rokar bhi sabko hasana seekh liya.

Kaun kehta hai dard jeena bhula deta hai,
Is dard ke sahare toh maine jeena seekh liya.

Ab mera such mere sapne hain,
Aur sapne sapne nahi, woh hi toh mere apne hain.

    English translation goes like this…

Walking on these roads all my life
I got used to solitude,
Nobody was with me nor i needed anyone,
Neither there is a need for any friend.

Apparently everone is a friend
And walk with me on these road
Nor there is a need nor there are friends
I am truth and they are dreams.

But truth and dreams don’t walk together
I am truth and they are dreams.

I’ve learned to run with time,
I’ve learned to smile while holding back the sea of pain,
By finding happiness in every moment,
I’ve learned to make everyone smile while crying.

Who say pain makes life hard to live,
I’ve learned to live cheerfully with the help of pain.

Now my truth are my dreams,
And these are not only dreams, these are my friends.

I’ve tried my best to translate and i hope you liked it and the credit completely goes to my senior as she is a really brilliant poet. Thanks for stopping by do come back in future there are more posts in pipeline

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Hi There,

Well, i have created this blog because i am not an expressive kid, i mean, i don’t like sharing my thoughts with anyone yet i don’t mind sharing my thoughts with random people on the internet. Yeah that’s an irony but this is me. But lately i have been thinking that the sole purpose of creating this blog is being defeated coz i am also unable to sketch my emotions on my blogs, and by emotions i mean my ‘thoughts’ and not my sad stories or how much i hate my life. I think the reason behind it is the fear of being judged by people who i don’t know and probably will never know.

So, from now on i have decided that i will write what i think without any fear of being judged and i’ll be myself after all,its my blog and only i’ll decide what will be on it.

Ok , so above mentioned paras are just my ranting but now i’ll write on topic which is the main subject of this post. 

I think that you’ve probably heard about India’s capital Delhi being the rape capital of this world and thats’s true to some extent. i am not gonna talk about how gruesome these incidents are or the timeline of these incident nor i am gonna comment on the blabbermouth mishaps of useless motherfuckers (yeah, they deserve it) ministers of my great nation. what i am gonna talk about is the attitude of people and aam aadmi towards such incidents.

After a week of the rape of a 5 year old girl by two people, the people are mindlessly protesting against police and creating havoc everywhere in the city. I see no point in protesting against police if they can’t change themselves because the people who commit such horrendous crimes are people from in between of them only. protesting against police is only a waste of time and energy and resources because Delhi police will not gonna budge even a bit because its a group of fat, puny, corrupt and emotionless and mindless and useless fellows who know nothing but lathicharging peaceful demontrations and depriving people of their fundamental rights in the largest and most ill-managed democracy in the world. I will not mention anything about our “respected” politions because we have lost all our trust on them.

So what we can do? in my opinion only we can make a change in society , what is the benefit of giving death sentence to the culprit, can it bring back the “cheerful, full of hope and desire to touch the skies” soul of that little girl back? No. by this way we cannot stop rapes from happening, we have bring about a change in roots of this very society, we must tell our children to respect the other gender because their impressionable minds can be moulded in any way we want.

All males in the society must stop thinking that womens depend on us coz it’s just a grave misconception coz we are nothing without our mothers , sisters and wives and um..girlfriends. we must respect their choice and dignity and self respect.

Self-defence lessons must be given to all children especially girls because the mentality of some people will not gonna change and they will try to  molest some girl, in that case a girl will be able to kick some ass and balls really hard.

To the sexually frustrated males, please try and control your urge. Just because you are impotent you don’t have a right to destroy the life of an innocent girl.</s

p>Last but not the least, antisocial looking must be reported to the police immediately.

Time is the witness, that all great changes are brought about by the aam aadmi only and nothing is impossible. So bringing change in our society is also possible, it just needs time and sincere effort and i know we will make it happen when every girl and women can walk and go anywhre freely in any type of clothes without compromising her pride and security.

So lets join hands for a better tomorrow for our present and future learning from the past

That’s all for this time, more posts are in the pipeline and i hope you’ll stick till then.


Hey hello, i am back with another post.
Well we all know, valantines ‘quiet annoying’ day is just knocking on the door, the day we singletons dread and try to ignore and avoid as much as we can , but the hype due to this day is so high that we can’t escape it. Be it the mouth freshners, resturants, condom brands or anything distinctly related in any way with it, everyone seems cashing it by their special discounts and free free free for COUPLES types of advertisement. We singletons are left with no choice but to feel dejected and unwanted. Their is love in the air but we cant really feel it.
So i have come up with a list of things a singleton can do on valantine’s day while everyone out there will be having their romantic dinner and all that stuff.
Well people say that this is day of love, so you can spend your day watching LOC:Kargil and BORDER, maybe they can bring out your love for your country and you’ll shoot all those goddamn politions and beareaucrats and who knows you can be the next one smiling beside gandhi ji!
Now facebook is as important and natural to everybody as breathing, you can give those people, who fucking brag about their v-day plans on fb, a serious trouble. With the help and aashirvad of google mata you copy-paste various status bragging about how happy you are being single or those which terms gf as menace and trouble and many other cheap adjectives, on his/her wall. To increase impact by getting max likes for it. There are many options for harrasing those COUPLES, use your own imgination and sky will be the limit for you.
If you want to be like voldimort (not appeareance-wise but in practice), this idea is for you. You can show your frustration to them by spoiling their lovey-dovey dates. For this, you can organize a flash mob denouncing love on couples’ favorite hotspot, or you can organize a protest by some rightwing groups stating, that its against indian culture. For those who cant do the above ones, they can steathly sneak to their lovestruck friend and get all the cash and credit cards out of his purse. For more insult you can put a LOSERR!! slip in it.
For those, who doesnt have any problems from happy couples roaming around, can celebrate this day by showing your love towards your parents and family. You can also gift them something. I know that doesn’t matter much but it shows we care for them .
Well that all from my side . I have suggested an idea for everykind of person. Its upto you how you implement it.
So wishing all singletons, a happy V-day, hehehe *evil smile*…

If You Are DETERMINED, You CAN Move The Mountains…

Hey hello,

Here is my another post on people who inspire me. This time its an Indian mentally challenged skater who won Gold along with Silver in special olympics winter games at Pyongchang, South Korea.

Rajkumar,18, who lives in Paharganj,Delhi with his parents and 5 siblings in a rented  single room house is a mentally challenged boy. When he started venturing in figure skating six months ago, under his coach, Virendra Kumar, his biggest challenge was not learning the basics of it, but it is making his worker father agree to pay for the cost of the one day pass to skating ring which is Rupees 480/hour (approx. $10/hour), which may look like a small amount to us but for his seven member family its equal to one day of food. Firstly, his father completely declined his request but citing his immence urge and determination, he reluctantly agreed and agreed to pay up for practice/ he went 50 km from his house everyday just to practice and in just six month he is a olympic medal winner. We can easily imagin the sheer amount of hard work and determination putted up by him into it. He has made his parents, his country, proud and i am very inspired by his story and i hope you are inspired too.

Until next time, bye…


Getting over thinking process on what to blog next i finally zeroed on the topic you can clearly figure out from the title. Tomorrow my brother was searching Google for info on above topic. i then thought to blog about it and tell you my views about it. 

I really do believe that there is some unknown, unseen yet VERY powerful force which is binding together this Earth, Sun, even this universe with perfect harmony. Birth, death, blossoming of flowers, water cycle, perfect living condition for mankind on earth and what not. everything which happen is planned and executed by that force. Its the human, the so called ‘most intelligent animal’s’ thinking which has divided its meticulously planned and executed tasks as good and bad according to its selfish motives. Like if there is a earthquake somewhere ( being a human, i hope it must not happen anywhere), we humans catagorize it as a bad thing but in real its just movement of earth inter continental plates and its like routine maintainance done by that force on ‘Sector Earth’.

All i wanna say is that its human nature to see everything in that perspective which seems beneficial to it. In this case, also ‘The Biggest Blunder Ever’, is the personification of that supreme power which runs EVERYTHING into god and various dities. for example, Hinduism has nearly 33 crore (330 million) gods, means they have one god for everything. thats just totally lame. In this way almost every religion has its own god and stuff etc. So , the blunder it has done is , it has created a rift between followers of different religions. a christian say, God is great, A muslim oppose him saying, Allah is the greatest, then hindu joins the bandwagon and this goes on and on and on……….

Because of this almost all world, followers of different religions are fighting with each other. those motherfucking bastards terrorists are making this world hell just because of some silly book and it also created in my country India, a unpartable rift by forming different castes which in turn created socio-economic gap so large that it left my nation a place of contrast rather than world’ fastest and largest economy.  

In my opinion, the NATURE is the one and only God, which is i think the world’s most cared and neglected thing because of mankind. hence we should take some serious steps to ensure its safety(i am a human, so its should be our safety, though) .

well, thats all for now. i hope you are not bored

Dear mummy and papa..

Hey there, its been a long time since i last posted, almost a year. I will not give any excuses, i take the blame due to my laziness, my uninspired mind and, i think, my bad luck, yeah.

Anyway i am back and this time i am gonna pay a secret tribute to my parents (obviously, they doesn’t know, infact, nobody knows about my blog).

Well i am not a whizkid, nor i am any kind of achiever, infact, at this point of time, i think i am  the biggest loser in this world. i was not able to clear ssb even in my second attempt, and i dont think i am good in studies either or in anything, precisely, but despite of all these shortcomings, they are holding on to me and motivating me to move ahead of my failures and work towards a brighter future.

I really owe my life to them, and i dont think i will ever be able to repay it. I don’t know what i am gonna do if they are not around. they struggeled so hard to raise us to this level without any selfish motive.

I want to tell them that i will not let their hardwork in vain, i will make you proud one. day, i promise. I will give you everything you both cant afford because of me, because you both are the best and you deserve the best. Now, i want to apologise from you for every mistake, every disgrace, every wrong action, i have done against you.

It may seem from my behavior that i don’t care but, i do care about you. i have this hard surface outside and i was not able to show up my real feelings to hide my emotional self but they are there. 

i don’t know what to say more, i just wanna say to you a BIG THANK YOU. You both inspire me and i will try in my life to be like YOU.

Rainy Day……

Hey there,
today is a rainy day out here which i think was a knock on the door by monsoon or rainy season. Its beautiful weather outside and also good for ripening of mangoes, yes. I cant wait to climb those mango tress and have the taste of our ‘King Of Fruits’.
Its a lazy, layed back day, everything is so slow and theres a sound of flowing and falling water everywhere.
Nature’s crying (yeah, personification of rain) have me a chance to read once again my favorite book called, Grit, Guts and Gallentry, this books shows the journey of author, who is an ex-army officer, through the training acadmies, after commisioning till retirement. It is a salut of author to simple, rustic and patriot yet uncomplaing and tough soldies of indian army. This books is aimed on the student who are freshly out of school and are in process of selecting a career, like me and i have made my mind to join army.
Anyway, i think that the raining was on a halt now and i can go for a round of peddling now on the backdrop of beautiful mountains of nainital.
Well, i think thats all till now.
See ya,bye.

Confused: dont know if i am happy or sad

Hey there,
Well as title says i am really confused on my state of mind as i am experiencing both of them.
The reason behind it is that the result of an engineering exam that i have given in may for entrance in an engineering college, has been annoused and i am declared uneligible for admission.
Now i am happy because i am not even a bit intrested in getting an engineering degree, 60% students after school opt for engineering . In india you can easily find one engineer per household on an average and most of them are doing 9-5 desk job earning enough to survive with family. I dont any meaning of such life. Infact, i am intrested in joining army as an officer where there is a life full of adventure, activities and oppertunities, i have job security, i can command men, will be respected everywhere in india (well, indians have a huge respect for their soldiers),perks and pensions after retirement. Its not only above things that made me choose army but also the fact that i want to do something for my motherland well i know a person can serve his country in many ways but i prefer joinin the army.
Anyway, i am sad because it initiated a feeling of guilt inside me. It makes me feel i can do nothing, it makes me feel dejected top it up with the scolding i got from my parents for failing (yeah, parents in india consider marks of their children as their status in socity).
Well now i am waiting for the result of exam i have given for defence academy and i am sure i will be called for the interview .
Lets hope for the best. I have to maintain my self confidence and keep preparing for the interview.