If i ever have a girlfriend….

To start with i want to tell you all thati am single right now, oh, who iam trying to fool..ok i have beensingle from past 17 years..long time huh:p Anyway if, in future by chance i have a girlfriend what kind of person she would be i am going to tell you all. Sooo, drums plz….. Yeah to start with she would be atleast of myheigt with beautiful smile and eyes(no matter what others think, atleast her smile and eyeswould be the most beautiful forme). She would be street smart, intelligent, understanding and caring. She would be a big zero on attitude and have a sense of respect towards her parents and elders. She would be a non drinker and smoker. She would not get crazy if i forgot her b’day or something like that and undestands the value of money. She would not get mad when i dont say i love you one day and undestands that i love her till my life and beyond. Well, i think i am gonna remain single all my life but there no tax on dreaming so dream onn my friends… I hope you’ll not remain single like me and enjoy your life thoroughly. Love you life, love you family and stay fit….:)


Past few days..

Hey all,
well, as title suggests past few days for me is like a jet. Everything happened so fast i just cant feel it. Anyway, i dont mind it coz i am quiet happy coz i am finally and officially out of school. My school leaving certificate exam’s results was declared and i passed it with 81%, well there are many who passed it with much higher marks from me but i am satisfied with it coz my parents are happy. My father even told me that he is proud of me, those words are still in my head.
Anyway, another good thing that happened was that i finally found a quite and less known part of this crappy and noisy and mean city in which i live. I am really very glad to find it. I found it accidently while walking around. Now i dont have to rome around to pass time. I can just sit there and do whatever i want.
Probabily you must be thinking what kind of teen i am who spends his time searching for silent and far from population places, are’nt you??
Well yes, this is who i am. I dont know why i dont like meeting people instead i like to sit alone. I think its because two faced personality of most people in this world. It seems strange that those people who we call our friend talks shit about us infront of others. I fear that thing thats why i dont have many friends.

My Two Wheeled Buddy…

Hey hello there,
i am here again . This time i am gonna write about my two wheeled buddy or my bicycle.
Its a simple ranger bike with pedals, breaks and two wheels attached with a black body. Its with me through most of my school life. I think after home, i spend most of time riding my bike. Its from a local manufacturer and produces a little sound but i just simply love it. Riding my bike is ‘me’ time, I can think, I can plan, I can hope. On a physical level? It won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone that I love going uphill, I love climbing, and I’m light enough to be reasonably good at it. I have many fond memories from my childhood and teenage associated with it. I have many fall, many bruises on my knees and many punctures in my bike’s tyres and sometime even complete breakdown but they doesn’t bother me much infact i think they have increased my fondness towards my bike. Today whenever i remember those , a smile automaticaly comes on my face. I will cherish those good ol’ memories for forever.
I dont know how to drive a motorbike, yeah thats true. I am 17 and i still dont know it for which i am regularly judged by my friends.
I dont know why i haven’t learned it. Its maybe because i am satisfied by my bicycle or maybe i just dont want to burn a hole in my father’s pocket by buying a motorbike together with soaring prices of petrol.
Well, i dont really care about what they think but i am happy with it.
Some people are ashamed of riding bikes, i would like to ask them why should they feel ashamed???
….because you are helping in reducing a small amount of pollution from atmosphere??? or you are keeping you fit by doing some sort of physical work…??
Please ask yourself these question and never give up riding.

Reasons why i HATE summers.

Here it goes again, today marked the official (here official means according to me coz its my blog, duh) begining of summers with maximum temperature reaching 35 degrees and i have to switch on the fans to bear it and most important ice cream companies again started airing their commercials on tv.
Its clear from the title that i HATE summers. There are many reasons behind it.
Foremost being going out to school, peddling my bicycle for 5 km at 8. And , dont forget about indian traffic jams. You might probably wondering how come a cycle can stuck in a traffic jam?? Well my friend you dont know indian roads. Its rightly said that ‘Experience is the greatest teacher.
Moving on , frequent powercuts in here during summer due to increased power demand.
I am watching my favorite movie and its the climax scene when kept secret in whole movies was just to reveal or i was preparing for tomorrow important exam and just when i reached on most important part suddenly —~—~– the powers gone,and i was like wh…what the f**k. You dont know how irritating is that.
One more reason is world’s most dangerous insect, guess who……no not scorpian……nor spider……neither any centipede, but the mosquito, the remaining long distance kin of dracula. No matter how much mosquito repellent you burn or apply on your skin they seem to overcome above all that stuff and developed there own vaccine against it and are more determined to suck that blood from your body *sigh*
Its the start of my summer adventures…lol..:|

Sachin tendulkar: god of cricket

You might have probably heard that this great indian cricket player has completed the century of centuries this week against bangladesh in his innings of 114 runs.
Just after his this feat the whole india maybe the world standed up and clapped for him. It take him one year to score his 100th century but when he does it , the moment was electric. We can hear shouting of his name in almost every street of india.
Starting his one- day career at the age of 16, he rised to become the most successful batsman cricket has ever seen. Theres hardly any record feat left which he has not achieved as a batsman.
He is true champion, he endured two career threatning injuries and when everybody saying that ‘Sachin is over now’, he made a solid comeback and becomed the batsman to play most number of ODI’s.
I am not a big cricket fan but i am his fan. I watch cricket match just because of him.
He is a true indian, he is the best…

Something more about me…

Hi people.
I am here again to piss you off by telling some more about me :D, particularly my goal in life.
Firstly, i want to beg your pardon as my pro and posts are not visually appealing but i cant help it as i blog with a mobile so its not possible.
Anyway, lets get to the topic, with reference to what i’ve written above, my goal in life is to join the army. I am very fascinated towards army life and ethics.
I thinks its primarily because its in my blood as my grandfather was in army, my father’s brother (my uncle) also served in army, of course, my father also applied for it but got rejected and now he wants me to continue this broken legacy in our family.
From my childhood days i used to get excited and thrilled whenever my grandfather or uncle tell me about their days in army. Slowly and steadily my excitement changed into my passion and now it cant imagine myself anywhere else but INDIAN ARMY.
As a result, this year as i am graduating from school, i have applied for NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY which is a triservice training institution for armed forces . If i got selected i’ll be training next 4 years to be a officer in INDIAN ARMY
its gonna be tough but i am ready for it.
There are many other factors which are behind my decision, primarily my dislike towards 9-5 desk job which i am 110% sure i wouldn’t be able to do as i want a career full of adventure and challanges, and current potical scenerio and my country’s relation with pakistan give force my wish to be there on frontline and bust their evil plans with my fellows.
Anyway, i an done.
Any suggestion is welcomed and i hope you are not bored.

About myself…

So i am writing this to tell a little more about myself to ‘ wordpressers’.
Well i m 17 years old and i am from delhi, india. I have finished my school this year and hope i could join a national defence academy this year. Yes, i want to join the indian army for reasons i am gonna explain in my next blog.
I have many friends but not a single one whom i can call my best friend.. Yeah, i think i m the only person without a best friend in this world but i am ok with that coz i am contented in myself.
I talk to myself (people can call it wierd but its not) and laugh at my own jokes and i am happy with it.
I want to travel a lot in my life.
My hobbies are surfing internet, cycling, writing and listening to music, i listen to music almost everytime ,even in toilet sometimes ūüėÄ
. My fav bands are linkin park, nickelback, greenday ….the list goes on and on and on…
I dont know what to write more but anything else you can ask me.
Yeah i dont have a girlfriend…. LoL…

Hey people!!
I m mayank aka dreamrunner09. I am 16 and i have joined wp to express myself to the world through the power of internet. My most posts are gonna be about my daily life as a teenager in india, my experiences, problems and joys which im gonna share with all of you. I will try to update my blog as frequent as i can. I am looking forward to meet some more teen bloggers like me in the future from around the world. I will go now i have very important exams coming in march. See u all later.