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Sach Sapne Aur Apne (Truth Dreams And Friends)

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This post is going to be about a poem i read in college’s year book written by one of my seniors. Its name is is the title of the post with its english translation. Its about struggle of a person between chasing her dream and friends.
We all meet a lot of people in our journey and of them we like some people and make a lot of ‘friends’ and slowly we start keeping expectations from them which if not fulfilled hurt is a lot that why she want to tell that ,though not directly, to not expect anything from anyone and learn to live by ourselves as much as possible.
I am gonna post here hindi version and i’ll try to translate it in english exactly for my english readers.
If you are reading it till here you are simply awesome and even if you aren’t you are still awesome like me.

    Here it goes….

Akele chalte chalte in raho mein
Aadat si ho gayi hai akalepan ki,
Na chahat kisi ki,na jarurat kisi ki,
Na hai chahat kisi apne ki.

Kahne ko toh sabhi apne hai
Sath chalte hai in raho mein
Na rahi chahat na rahe apne
Mein hun sach aur wo hai sapne.

Par sach aur sapne sath nahi hote
Mein hun sach aur wo hai sapne.

Wakt ke sath jeena seekh liya
Dil mein dard dard ka samandar chhupakar jeena seekh liya
Har pal mein khushiyan dhundhkar,
Khud rokar bhi sabko hasana seekh liya.

Kaun kehta hai dard jeena bhula deta hai,
Is dard ke sahare toh maine jeena seekh liya.

Ab mera such mere sapne hain,
Aur sapne sapne nahi, woh hi toh mere apne hain.

    English translation goes like this…

Walking on these roads all my life
I got used to solitude,
Nobody was with me nor i needed anyone,
Neither there is a need for any friend.

Apparently everone is a friend
And walk with me on these road
Nor there is a need nor there are friends
I am truth and they are dreams.

But truth and dreams don’t walk together
I am truth and they are dreams.

I’ve learned to run with time,
I’ve learned to smile while holding back the sea of pain,
By finding happiness in every moment,
I’ve learned to make everyone smile while crying.

Who say pain makes life hard to live,
I’ve learned to live cheerfully with the help of pain.

Now my truth are my dreams,
And these are not only dreams, these are my friends.

I’ve tried my best to translate and i hope you liked it and the credit completely goes to my senior as she is a really brilliant poet. Thanks for stopping by do come back in future there are more posts in pipeline

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