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Dear mummy and papa..

Hey there, its been a long time since i last posted, almost a year. I will not give any excuses, i take the blame due to my laziness, my uninspired mind and, i think, my bad luck, yeah.

Anyway i am back and this time i am gonna pay a secret tribute to my parents (obviously, they doesn’t know, infact, nobody knows about my blog).

Well i am not a whizkid, nor i am any kind of achiever, infact, at this point of time, i think i am  the biggest loser in this world. i was not able to clear ssb even in my second attempt, and i dont think i am good in studies either or in anything, precisely, but despite of all these shortcomings, they are holding on to me and motivating me to move ahead of my failures and work towards a brighter future.

I really owe my life to them, and i dont think i will ever be able to repay it. I don’t know what i am gonna do if they are not around. they struggeled so hard to raise us to this level without any selfish motive.

I want to tell them that i will not let their hardwork in vain, i will make you proud one. day, i promise. I will give you everything you both cant afford because of me, because you both are the best and you deserve the best. Now, i want to apologise from you for every mistake, every disgrace, every wrong action, i have done against you.

It may seem from my behavior that i don’t care but, i do care about you. i have this hard surface outside and i was not able to show up my real feelings to hide my emotional self but they are there. 

i don’t know what to say more, i just wanna say to you a BIG THANK YOU. You both inspire me and i will try in my life to be like YOU.