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Getting over thinking process on what to blog next i finally zeroed on the topic you can clearly figure out from the title. Tomorrow my brother was searching Google for info on above topic. i then thought to blog about it and tell you my views about it. 

I really do believe that there is some unknown, unseen yet VERY powerful force which is binding together this Earth, Sun, even this universe with perfect harmony. Birth, death, blossoming of flowers, water cycle, perfect living condition for mankind on earth and what not. everything which happen is planned and executed by that force. Its the human, the so called ‘most intelligent animal’s’ thinking which has divided its meticulously planned and executed tasks as good and bad according to its selfish motives. Like if there is a earthquake somewhere ( being a human, i hope it must not happen anywhere), we humans catagorize it as a bad thing but in real its just movement of earth inter continental plates and its like routine maintainance done by that force on ‘Sector Earth’.

All i wanna say is that its human nature to see everything in that perspective which seems beneficial to it. In this case, also ‘The Biggest Blunder Ever’, is the personification of that supreme power which runs EVERYTHING into god and various dities. for example, Hinduism has nearly 33 crore (330 million) gods, means they have one god for everything. thats just totally lame. In this way almost every religion has its own god and stuff etc. So , the blunder it has done is , it has created a rift between followers of different religions. a christian say, God is great, A muslim oppose him saying, Allah is the greatest, then hindu joins the bandwagon and this goes on and on and on……….

Because of this almost all world, followers of different religions are fighting with each other. those motherfucking bastards terrorists are making this world hell just because of some silly book and it also created in my country India, a unpartable rift by forming different castes which in turn created socio-economic gap so large that it left my nation a place of contrast rather than world’ fastest and largest economy.  

In my opinion, the NATURE is the one and only God, which is i think the world’s most cared and neglected thing because of mankind. hence we should take some serious steps to ensure its safety(i am a human, so its should be our safety, though) .

well, thats all for now. i hope you are not bored