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Hi There,

Well, i have created this blog because i am not an expressive kid, i mean, i don’t like sharing my thoughts with anyone yet i don’t mind sharing my thoughts with random people on the internet. Yeah that’s an irony but this is me. But lately i have been thinking that the sole purpose of creating this blog is being defeated coz i am also unable to sketch my emotions on my blogs, and by emotions i mean my ‘thoughts’ and not my sad stories or how much i hate my life. I think the reason behind it is the fear of being judged by people who i don’t know and probably will never know.

So, from now on i have decided that i will write what i think without any fear of being judged and i’ll be myself after all,its my blog and only i’ll decide what will be on it.

Ok , so above mentioned paras are just my ranting but now i’ll write on topic which is the main subject of this post. 

I think that you’ve probably heard about India’s capital Delhi being the rape capital of this world and thats’s true to some extent. i am not gonna talk about how gruesome these incidents are or the timeline of these incident nor i am gonna comment on the blabbermouth mishaps of useless motherfuckers (yeah, they deserve it) ministers of my great nation. what i am gonna talk about is the attitude of people and aam aadmi towards such incidents.

After a week of the rape of a 5 year old girl by two people, the people are mindlessly protesting against police and creating havoc everywhere in the city. I see no point in protesting against police if they can’t change themselves because the people who commit such horrendous crimes are people from in between of them only. protesting against police is only a waste of time and energy and resources because Delhi police will not gonna budge even a bit because its a group of fat, puny, corrupt and emotionless and mindless and useless fellows who know nothing but lathicharging peaceful demontrations and depriving people of their fundamental rights in the largest and most ill-managed democracy in the world. I will not mention anything about our “respected” politions because we have lost all our trust on them.

So what we can do? in my opinion only we can make a change in society , what is the benefit of giving death sentence to the culprit, can it bring back the “cheerful, full of hope and desire to touch the skies” soul of that little girl back? No. by this way we cannot stop rapes from happening, we have bring about a change in roots of this very society, we must tell our children to respect the other gender because their impressionable minds can be moulded in any way we want.

All males in the society must stop thinking that womens depend on us coz it’s just a grave misconception coz we are nothing without our mothers , sisters and wives and um..girlfriends. we must respect their choice and dignity and self respect.

Self-defence lessons must be given to all children especially girls because the mentality of some people will not gonna change and they will try to  molest some girl, in that case a girl will be able to kick some ass and balls really hard.

To the sexually frustrated males, please try and control your urge. Just because you are impotent you don’t have a right to destroy the life of an innocent girl.</s

p>Last but not the least, antisocial looking must be reported to the police immediately.

Time is the witness, that all great changes are brought about by the aam aadmi only and nothing is impossible. So bringing change in our society is also possible, it just needs time and sincere effort and i know we will make it happen when every girl and women can walk and go anywhre freely in any type of clothes without compromising her pride and security.

So lets join hands for a better tomorrow for our present and future learning from the past

That’s all for this time, more posts are in the pipeline and i hope you’ll stick till then.