You Know You Are An Indian Teen When…

-Your school bag weight equal or more than you.
-There exist a miraculous team spirit between you and your friends at the time of submitting project work.
-Swearing becomes part of your speech at school and between friends, but not a single swear come out of your mouth infront of parents.
-There is virtually a race between you and your friends on who has ‘the most fucked up life’.
-You are forced by your parents to go with them at a boring wedding and talk to boring uncle and aunts.
-You are forced by friends to give them a birthday party or they will make your life hell.
-You try to stay away from creepy siblings as much as possible.
-Every detail of call you received is demanded by your parents, especially from opposite sex.
-You are forced to meet your gf/bf at all sort of weird places just to not get caught or seen by family member of either.
-You eat street food more than your home cooked food.
-You wish Indian army should invade and destroy pakistan.
-You with your friends go to a cyber cafe to watch some porn.
-You have at least once tried to draw ashokchakra of tricolour with 24 matchsticks.
-You ventured out to a place your parents have denied you, with your friends thinking your parents are too old school.
-Your intelligence have been put to test multiple times by ‘well meaning’ people according to what grade you get in school or college.
-Despite of your difference s with your parents,you dream to give your parents a wonderful well deserved retired life.
-You think Bollywood movies are like a Maruti 800 infront of Hollywood’s Bentley.
-You try to act cool after getting caught in an awkward situation in public like PUSHING a door with PULL sign.


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